Christmas Week

Outtakes 226

Christmas Week

by Cait Collins


I thought I’d try a little poetry for my Christmas week blog.


Two days before Christmas and all through the land

The old North wind was blowing to beat the band.

With nary a tree or hill to block the blow

We hunkered down expecting a big snow.


I made my list and checked it twice

Forgetting gifts would not be nice.

I had lists for the office, the family and more,

With list in hand, I head for the store.


Christmas dinner, the office pot luck, and a larder to fill

With the crowds and empty shelves it was no thrill.

No pickles, no carrots, the dinner rolls out

I stomped my foot and bit back a frustrated shout.


What happened to Christmas, the fun and the love?

Why can’t it be simple instead of a humbug?

I try to be merry and not a Scrooge

But sometimes, yes, sometimes I border on rude.


So, sing me a carol, a warm winter song

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll sing along.

And I will be joyful and so full of mirth

I’ll be the happiest writer on earth.


It may not be pretty and it may not rhyme

I never promised it would be sublime.

Poetry is not my strong suit I must admit

But it’s better to try instead of quit.


Happy Holidays.

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