Stay Inspired

Stay Inspired 

Rory C. Keel



When I began my journey as a writer, I jumped in head first with an attitude of seeking to learn. I started reading how-to books and any instruction manual I could find. I set out to follow all of the rules to the letter and hope for success. I made a considerable effort to attend and get involved in local writing groups and conferences. Over the years, I picked up valuable lessons from other authors and publishers.

Thinking back on my involvement in these things, it felt that writing came a little easier then than now.

What’s different?

Attitude is the difference. When I surrounded myself with writer-ly people and places, my mind stayed focused on writing.

While it may have felt like it took time away from putting words on the page, I actually wrote more.

I challenge you to write more by continuing to learn from others and stay inspired.

1 thought on “Stay Inspired

  1. So true, Rory. Being around other writers is so important. Not only do they inspire, they push you to be better and write more. From my own experience, when I have to go for a time without being with other writers, I languish. I become sluggish and my creative drive isn’t there. It’s like I’m drifting all alone on a big ocean. Good luck to you.

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