Sleepless Nights

Outtakes 231

Sleepless Nights

by Cait Collins

Have you ever had one of those nights when you just couldn’t fall asleep? Or do you wake up at odd hours and can’t go back to sleep? Instead of tossing and turning, try writing. It’s strange how easily details appear when you’re in that state between sleep and fully awake.

This morning I finally met the older brother, one of the secondary characters in my new novel Three x Three. I knew Ben had to make at least an appearance, but was he a good guy or a resentful jerk? I discovered his true nature in the scene where he is reunited with his younger brother Sean. A part of me thought he would be a jerk, but instead he’s really a nice guy, He’s the kind of man you’d want your sister to meet and love.

At times we tend to force our characters into the rolls we think they should have. Unfortunately, we put them into the wrong role. Instead, we should let the role develop on its own. By allowing the character to evolve in to his own person, we build a better character and a better story.

Now if I can only keep my antagonist in line.

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