Character Sketch

Outtakes 237

Character Sketch

by Cait Collins


Normally, I’m a “pantser”. I construct my stories as characters and situations reveal themselves. Normally it works. But with my new work Three by Three, I’m running into issues. You see, the protagonist and his two best friends’ relationship goes back to grade school. They had a dream of a business partnership and working together after college. On Good Friday, each man was blindsided by a life altering blow and none of them will ever fully recover.

While I have a vision of each man, I find it difficult to separate them as individuals. So I have to write detailed character sketches. As I jot down various thoughts, I learn that Sean Hawthorne’s (aka Creed Whitley) primary state is confusion. Five years ago he woke up in a hospital bed with no memory of who he is or how he was injured. Tyler Crawford still grieves for the woman he loved and lost. Adam Sinclair is drowning in anger over his fiancé’s betrayal.

The trick will be to bring resolution to the upheaval in their lives and to make each man whole. I’m looking forward to the adventure.

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