Outtakes 238


by Cait Collins


Sitting in a hospital waiting room for three days gave me a chance to do a lot of people watching. I found the perfect characterization for Elizabeth, a secondary character in Three by Three. I’ve known the lady in question for a number of years. She’s been a part of my family circle for longer than I care to remember. She’s always been quieter than most of the group, I have learned to appreciate her strength and loving nature.

My family is pretty outgoing and expressive. We are often blunt, but we have no problem saying, “I love you.” On the other hand, our friend and family member doesn’t give away much. But when the doctor asked to speak with the immediate family, she guarded the waiting room door. I have a feeling she should have been a mama bear protecting her cubs had anyone tried to disturb the meeting.

This is Elizabeth’s personality. She shares joint custody of her niece, Sara, with Tyler Crawford. Her under stated authority helps keep Sara from becoming a tantrum-throwing brat. Her gentle affection supports Sean when he begins to piece together the threads of his life.

Liz is the perfect foil for the more flamboyant Samantha Tolliver. But woe be to the evil minions who threaten the ones she loves. The sweet, soft spoken lady knows how to protect what is hers. Elizabeth’s role in the story is subtle but important. Others will turn to her to find an anchor and safe harbor in the on-coming storm.

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