Podcasts for Writers

Podcasts for Writers

By Natalie Bright

Every morning during that first cup of coffee and then while I’m getting dressed, I’m listening to news about story craft, social media, or the publishing bizz. I’m late to this party, but feeling happy and amazed about discovering the world of podcasts.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

The Creative Penn Podcast

  • This podcast has taught me so much about social media and really inspired me to keep writing. Indie published authors are very saavy about the bizz and passionate about writing.

The Self Publishing Formula Podcast

  • This is a new show on the block with a bestselling indie author and a newbie author working on his first book. Their live broadcast from the London Book Fair was excellent.

Writing Excuses

  • Useful information in a 15-minute format. Perfect for your daily commute.

The Writing Renegade: The Podcast for Indie Writers

  • Discussions on writing, editing, publishing, marketing, interviews with successful authors, and more.

Authority Self-Publishing

  • Marketing, writing and Kindle publishing tips for authors

The Genealogy Gems Podcast with Lisa Louise Cooke

  • This because I write historical novels and I’m also working on my family genealogy. Practical tips for historical research. The resources and links are invaluable.

Happy listening WordsmithSix friends!

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