The New Comer


The New Comer

By Nandy Ekle

I’m not sure how long Neil Gaiman has been on the writing scene, but he’s fairly new to my list of faves. I had seen his name around the forums. I’d heard he was unique and his stories were excellent. Then, the movie Stardust hit the theaters and I was immediately in love.

Now I know better than to ever judge a story by its movie, at least if there’s a book that gave birth to a movie as a some version of the story. But I think that’s a testament to my interest in the book. The fact that the movie thrilled me enough to want to read the book should say volumes to the idea I had of the story.

And I have to say this was one time my instincts were spot on. The book, as much as I enjoyed the movie, was even better. Cute, fun, clever, layered, completely brilliant. The book has elements that the movie didn’t come close to touching on. And I was completely enthralled.

Then, Mr. Gaiman sealed verified my new found love for him again when I heard him read Stardust. I am a huge fan of audiobooks, and even though I’d read the paperback version, I used my chance to purchase the audio to listen to as I drove. And the fact that Mr. Gaiman was the reader gave me a feeling that I had found something special. I was wrong. It was not just something special. It was my find of the century.

As a British man with a deep smooth voice, listening to him read his own work had me so hypnotized there was no way I could shut the book down at the end of my allotted reading/listening time. As I mentioned his voice is deep, smooth, and very British. But also, as the writer, he knew the story and he knew how to use that incredible voice to make the story come alive in a way Hollywood could not.

So I obtained more of his books. Neverwhere had my attention almost as tightly as Stardust. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, another story read by himself, amazing.

So, whenever it was that his first book was released, I wish I had met his writing much sooner.

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