Empty Bubbles


Empty Bubbles

By Nandy Ekle

  It’s like reading a cartoon with no speech balloons. It’s like losing a hand or a foot, or an arm or a leg. It’s like not having the ability to speak. It’s like opening your eyes to a dark room. It’s like holding your breath under water. It’s like sitting in a chair all night and staring at the wall. It’s like being hungry but your pantry is empty. It’s like having a pile of laundry but your washer is broken. It’s like opening the front door and seeing dark emptiness.

It’s like all the words you’ve ever held, stacked together, rearranged, played with, followed you around, jumped around inside your head have packed up and moved away.

It’s like not being able to write.

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

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