By Natalie Bright

If you have books listed for sell on amazon.com, then you have an Author Page. As the author, you can access that author page and provide updated information that might be of interest to your readers.

As a reader, I like checking out the Author Page before I buy. This information is informative and much quicker than finding the website when I’m short on time. If I love that .99 cent special promo book, I can easily find more books at their Amazon Author Page.

Join at authorcentral.amazon.com and sign in using your amazon account.

Add your books (there may be a waiting time for approval). You can post original content at any time, such as a bio picture, update your bio info, pictures of author events, videos, and blog posts or link to an RSS feed. There is even an events calendar you can utilize.

I enjoy reading other author bios. I have to admit that I’ve reworked my bio several times. I can’t decide if a long and detailed bio works better than having one that is brief, to the point. Should it be in first person or third person? Read several of your favorite authors and decide.

You can create an Amazon Author Page URL link for use in blog posts, Facebook posts, and tweets.

Have fun adding content through yet another way to connect with readers on social media. Comment to this blog and provide a link to your Author Page on Amazon. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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