Amazon Author Page / Send Us Your Link!

Amazon Author Page / Send Us Your Link!

By Natalie Bright


Last week’s post was about Amazon Author Pages. I’m still surprised at how many authors have not utilized this social media tool. In case you haven’t done it yet, here’s another reminder: If you have books listed for sale on, you can set-up an Amazon Author Page.

Go to to add content. Nothing fancy, just the basics will do. Enough to give you an official presence.

Sign in with your Amazon Account.

Under the Books tab, you can request that any books not listed be added. Search by ISBN, author or title.

Add a bio photo and write a bio.

Include a link to your blog, or write a new blog specific for your Amazon readers.

Add events to the handy calendar.

Post pictures of book signings, research trips, author friends, your pets, or anything that might be of interest to your fans.

Add a welcome video.

Read Author Central News. This section provides great information and ideas on promotional opportunities and specific marketing tools for authors.

Now go and be brilliant!

Include a link to your Amazon Author Page in the comment section. I’m looking forward to learning about you.


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