Officially a Senior Citizen

Outtakes 252

Officially a Senior Citizen

by Cait Collins


I had a wonderful evening. Four of my five sisters and I sat down together to celebrate my birthday and Sis Number 5’s birthday. We talked for several hours about a wide range of topics. Sometimes I wonder how these women who were pests and hindrances and I can now be the best of friends. I’m blessed by their presence in my life.

I admit this year had been difficult. I’m now a senior citizen eligible for Medicare. I kept putting off applying for benefits because I was not ready to admit my age. But when I began trying to put a more positive spin on getting older I found a silver lining among the gray clouds. You see, as a writer and story teller, I have more experiences to draw from.

My generation saw medical science all but wipe out polio. Jets were tested by pilots like Chuck Yeager. We saw Alan Shepherd make the first flight into space and were glued to the TV as John Glenn orbited the earth. My father took us to the airport in Bangor, Maine to see President John Kennedy leave Air Force One and walk out to shake hands with the people in the crowd. In a matter of weeks, the President would be assassinated. The Civil Rights Movement was gathering momentum. Desegregation of schools and bussing of students for educational equality began. TV went from black and white to “living color”. Transistor radios were the rage.

The Beatles invaded America. The Twist, Monster Mash, Bunny Hop were popular dances. Lava Lamps and Danish Furniture decorated our homes. Computers were born and evolved. Now computers control much of our lives. The good old days merged with computer generation. I have history and experiences that provide background, characters, and motivation for hundreds of characters. With that in mind, I need to get back to work on my novel.


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