In the Zone

Outtakes 255

In the Zone

by Cait Collins


Have you ever had one of those really productive writing sessions? You know that time when the words almost type themselves on to the document or the pen moves itself across the page. I’m having one of those in the zone moments tonight. It started right after I got off the phone with my insurance company and has continued for a little over two hours. I’ve glanced over the pages and think I’m on the right track. It needs some polishing, but it’s insightful.

So please forgive me if this is short and sweet tonight. You see my protagonist is about to reveal a picture he drew while in a fugue state. I wonder how he’s going to explain how he drew a vehicle he doesn’t remember. The details are sharp and accurate right down to the license plate on the rear bumper. There’s a flat tire and …


Happy writing.

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