It’s in the Rocks

Outtakes 259

It’s in the Rocks

by Cait Collins


My current novel’s hero is a gemologist and jewelry designer. Like most of us, he has favorite stones. While many people are attracted to high quality gem stones, Sean enjoys what used to be called semi-precious gems. He is drawn to garnets, the quartz colors, topaz, carnelian, and agates. Question is does he believe stones have magic properties?

Throughout the ages, powers and properties have been assigned to gem stones and rocks. A simple example is the wearing of green gems to aid in the search for wealth. So if I were headed to a job interview or a casino, I’d be sure to wear an emerald, green tourmaline, chrome diopside, Helenite, or green jade. I own all but the chrome diopside, and am still a working girl. So should I believe the believers in magic? I don’t know, but I will be wearing a tourmaline ring and bracelet next time I go to the casino. I also keep a bowl of multi-colored tumble stones in an antique jadeite bowl, not because I believe they have ritual powers. I keep them because their varied colors are beautiful and peaceful.

Here are some other examples of gems’ magical properties.

Alexandrite      Love and Luck

Amber             Luck, Healing, Strength, Protection, Beauty, Love

Amethyst        Dreams, Healing, Psychism, Peace, Love, Protection against thieves; Courage, Happiness

Aquamarine     Peace, Courage, Purification

Azurite                        Dreams, Divinations, Healing

Beryl               Love, Healing, Energy, Anti-Gossip

Carnelian         Peace, Protection, Eloquence, Healing, Courage, Sexual Energy

Chalcedony     Peace, Anti-Nightmare, Travel

Citrine             Anti-nightmare, Protection

Coral               Wisdom

Quartz             Protection, Healing, Power

Diamond         Spirituality, Protection, Courage, Peace, Reconciliation, Strength

Emerald           Love, Money, Mental powers, Exorcism, Eyesight

Garnet             Healing, Strength

Jade                 Longevity, Wisdom, Prosperity

Lapis Lazuli    Joy, Fidelity

Moonstone     Sleep, Youth, Dieting

Onyx               Protection, Defensive Magic

Opal                Beauty, Money, Luck

Ruby               Wealth, Power, Joy

Sapphire          Meditation, Peace, Power, Money

Tiger’s-Eye     Energy, Luck

Topaz             Weight-loss, Money

Tourmaline      Friendship, Health, Courage

These are a few of the stones suggested to have magical powers. Powers and properties can be enhanced or changed depending on the color of the stone.

So let’s say your character is fixated on health and longevity. Which gems would he carry on his person? What about wealth and power? Or wisdom? Do believers carry their talismans openly or are they hidden beneath layers of clothing?

Are there stones that have negative energies? The Hope Diamond comes to mind. The beautiful blue diamond is reported to be bad luck as some of its owners have died while the gem was in their possession. And opals are said to be bad luck for those who dare to wear opals if it is not their birthstone. A treasure of Columbian emeralds brought wealth to the Atocha divers, but treasure came with a price.

Based on this limited information, imagine the possibilities of having a gem as a character in one of your stories. You can even give the jewel a name. It might make the stone more powerful and energized.

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