A Christmas Memoir

Outtakes 270

A Christmas Memoir

By Cait Collins


As I have been going through my father’s papers and notebooks, I’ve found some notes and stories he wrote. What a gift these writings are to my family and me. My dad died young and none of his grandchildren really knew him. The kids were infants and toddlers at the time he passed. Not only did they not know their grandfather, many of them never met my husband. So Uncle Bill is just a name they’ve heard.

I believe most of us have similar situations in our families. Names and pictures don’t really tell the family story. We can improve that situation by writing down stories about those who are no longer with us. What if we begin with a favorite story about a parent or grandparent? Then we move on to Uncle Jim and Aunt June. Add Cousin Fred and his kids, and soon we have a family history. Don’t forget holiday traditions. Try having family members contribute their stories. It may not be the great American novel, but it will be a history filled with voices and laughter.

A local printing firm might be able to print, compile and bind your memoir. Start now and you could have your book ready to present to your family next Christmas. Your Christmas memoir will be treasured for generations to come.

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