Make Time

Outtakes 271

Make Time

By Cait Collins


I love the holiday season, but sometimes the hustle and bustle gets to me. My calendar is as full as a CEO’s and I don’t know how everything will get done in time. The other problem is I haven’t touched my novel in two weeks. That’s why next week is so important to me. By Monday, the Christmas cards will be mailed and the gifts will be wrapped and under the tree. I will be on vacation. Then I will have eight days to write.

Of course I have parties and family gatherings to attend, but that’s the evening. Mornings and early afternoons are my time to get the story in shape. I want to explore Sean’s new memory and how it impacts Tyler. And how will Sean handle knowing that Liz dated his friend Adam and it wasn’t a good ending? Tyler has his own news. And Sara learns she has a father instead of an uncle. The story is in my head. I just need to get it in the computer or at least on paper.

At this time of the year, it’s easy to make excuses for not writing. But it’s important to make the time to work on projects or meet deadlines. Waiting until the first of the year when all the madness is over will only put us further behind. Even if it’s one hour a day, sit down and put words on paper. I don’t mean indiscriminately put words on paper. I mean really write something. Or take the time to edit a few pages. Any writing activity that gets you closer to completing a writing project is worth the effort.

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