No Resolutions No Problem

Outtakes 274

No Resolutions No Problem

By Cait Collins


I’m not ready for 2017. It seems like I didn’t have much of a chance to really enjoy 2016 and now the year’s gone and a new one is here ready to be explored. I really didn’t make New Year’s resolutions for 2017. Of course there’s the standard “I’m going to lose weight”. Already broke that one. There’s a carton of Braum’s peppermint ice cream in my freezer and it’s calling my name. So far so good on the saving money resolution. I haven’t been to the mall, the craft store or Barnes and Noble since Christmas Eve. And I’m not looking at new LL Bean catalogues. Me and LL Bean is a dangerous combination.

About my writing, well that’s coming along. I’m still far from having the new book finished, but I’m making progress. I’ve done some editing on my memoir and made a few changes on HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW. The truth is I hate editing. But I refuse to make a resolution to finish the new novel, the memoir. and the previous work. As long as I don’t resolve to do something, I can continue the work on the new novel and the work on the editing projects. But the minute I utter the words “I am resolved…”, the whole plan falls apart. So I’m just going work at it.

Working at it frees me. Without the goals and resolutions hanging around my neck I can breathe. And when I can breathe I can free my thoughts and write. You see, I working at it.

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