Snow Day

Outtakes 275

Snow Day

By Cait Collins


The weekend weather was really something. We had rain, freezing drizzle, and snow. I don’t mind the rain as the Texas Panhandle is experiencing a drought. Again. We desperately needed the moisture to reduce the fire hazards. However, I’m not fond of freezing rain and ice. But the snow was magnificent.

I woke up about one in the morning and looked out the window. Over an inch of pristine white was on the ground, coating trees, and cars. I watched the falling snow for a while knowing that by early afternoon it would be gone. I returned to bed and slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

On Monday I woke refreshed and ready to write. I had an idea that it was time for Tyler to tell Sara he was her father. The story took another twist, and I really like it. I wrote ten pages in three hours. Now it’s time to edit draft.

Sometime writing is frustrating. The words don’t come or the story seems stale. But then there are those wonderful days when it all goes right. It’s those days that thrill me and make me glad I’m a writer.

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