Q and A


Q and A

By Nandy Ekle


Some random thoughts that, hopefully, will make your muse sit up and take notice. I’d love to hear your answers/reactions in the comments. ☺️

  1. Write about a single man who is asked to escort his neighbor’s daughter to a school dance. Or write about a kindergarten girl who wants her kindly neighbor man to take her to a father/daughter dance.
  2. Write about a woman who retired from an insurance company. She’s bored with retirement so she calls the insurance company once a month to try to catch them in a mistake.
  3. Write about a child who meets his father for the first time. Or write about what a man feels in the first 30 minutes after his first child is born.
  4. Write about a new widow only two weeks after her husband of 50 years has passed away.
  5. Write about a girl who finds out she is a fairy changeling.
  6. Write about a family who is traveling to visit parents in another state and their car breaks down, leaving them stranded on the side of the road.
  7. Write about how you would explain to your three-year-old daughter why milk is white, water is clear, and Koolaid is red.
  8. Write about a woman sitting next to her mother and suddenly realizing her mother has become an elderly woman.
  9. Write about a middle-aged man who suddenly realizes he has the super power of strength.
  10. Write about a young teen age girl who has a fantasy of her famous crush stopping at her house because his car died, his phone has no signal, and he’s going to be late picking up his date to the concert.


Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.


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