If You Dream It, You Can Build It

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If You Dream It, You Can Build It

By Cait Collins


My sisters and I attended the Parade of Homes this past weekend. The homes are a chance for local builders to showcase their work. Some of the homes were extraordinary, and others were a little cookie cutter. The ones that stood out had the builder’s stamp. Something that made the dwelling stand out from the others. For example an entryway. The house was set on a hill with a long cement staircase leading to the front door. It was beautiful, but I was exhausted by the time I walked in the door.

The next house was built by a friend. It well built and well staged. I could be comfortable living in that house. The next one had an impressive kitchen. I loved the gray color and white accents. My favorite was a totally modern home. The front door was not a rectangle, but the edge was a series of curves that fit into the door frame. Chandeliers were not traditional crystal styles. And one room had rhinestone drawer pulls. Loved the unique styling, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I kept going back to beautifully crafted home a friend built.

Writers have something in common with a builder. We begin with a concept. Then lay the foundation. Partition off the rooms. And then fill the rooms with our unique style. We add the color to the story with vivid details, emotion, drama, and resolution. We are architects of storytelling. Our words build worlds, and people. We are craftsmen and should be proud of the work we do.

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