Best Friends

Outtakes 302

Best Friends

By Cait Collins


I have been accused of hoarding books. My library shelves are full, and the new bookcases hold books I have not read yet and some titles for research, as well as some old favorites. The truth is I love books. Hardcover or paperback, I enjoy their words of wisdom, the dreams, their knowledge, and the hours of entertainment. Opening a book is akin to meeting a new friend or revisiting an old, dear one.

Recently, I found myself without anything new to read. I searched the bookshelves for my copy of Nora Roberts’ THE DONOVAN LEGACY. I first read the trilogy in 1999, and periodically I reread the stories of witches who find love with mortals. Nearly 20 years later, the stories are still great reads.

I was recently told by a young furniture salesman that bookshelves are no longer necessary as everyone uses e-readers. Because they were no longer needed, the store only carried one style. Needless to say, I did not take the time to look for the new sofa I want. Why would a dinosaur need their more modern styles? I will not visit that store again.

While e-books and e-readers are popular now, nothing will replace the joy of holding a book in my hands and turning the pages as the story unfolds. E-books have their place and are great for vacations and travel, but an e-book will not replace the memories of book signings where I have met and conversed with favorite authors.

A book never judges, nor does it offer unwanted advice. The volumes I hold offer friendship and surprises with each reading. I love books and I always will.

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