Now I Know

Outtakes 244

Now I Know

By Cait Collins


Sometimes I really love the way my characters reveal themselves, but waking from a sound sleep at 3 a.m. is not at the top of my list. However I must say I like what Adam Sinclair told me. You see I was having problems with Adam’s storyline. He’s the third friend in my current work Three x Three.

Adam seems to resent his best friends. The question is why. He’s a trust fund baby with more financial security than his successful friends Sean Hawthorne/aka Creed Whitley and Tyler Crawford. Although both men have achieved financial stability from their chosen professions, they had something Sinclair wants – family. Money doesn’t guarantee loving parents, and in Adam’s case family meant dealing with a Mom and Dad more interested in their country club friends than in raising their children. In fact, the senior Sinclair put strings on the inheritance. If Sean didn’t pass his CPA exams, his share of the death proceeds would be divided between his brother and sister. So Adam follows the letter of the will. He is miserable. He wants to replace Sean/Creed in the Whitley household just so he can bask in the warmth of parental love.

Adam also resents his friends’ enjoyment of their chosen professions. Adam had his own dreams; plans he had to put aside to ensure his inheritance. And now he lives a secret life. But how far will he go to get what he wants? Would he arrange his friend’s disappearance to assume a position in Sean’s family? Would he murder Tyler’s girlfriend so that Tyler would know the misery of being alone.

Those are the questions Sean and Tyler must answer.

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