Favorite Author

Outtakes 307

Favorite Author

By Cait Collins


Every reader has a list of favorite authors. One of my favorites is Julie Garwood. Years ago I purchased a book entitled RANSOM through a book club offering. I had never read a Julie Garwood novel, but the synopsis caught my attention. Highland clans, English nobility, and a lady in distress sounded like an interesting historical romance. I was not disappointed. In fact, I began looking forward to each new release and even began reading her backlist. Her work has kept me entertained for many years.

Ms. Garwood sets the scene perfectly, but without paragraphs of description. Her characters come alive through action and spot-on dialogue. I know not to start one of her books when I have to be somewhere by a specified time. Once I start reading a Julie Garwood novel, I have trouble putting it down. Her newest release, WIRED, is a page turner. I became so engrossed in the adventures of Allison Trent and Liam Scott. And when you add Allison’s cruel relatives, a bitter FBI agent, and a would-be computer programmer, you have a cast of characters that compel the reader to forget the clock and keep reading.

Whether it’s an historical romance or a contemporary romantic suspense, every release is an adventure. I recommend WIRED and any Julie Garwood novel.

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