Book Review – The Headless Cupid


Book Review – The Headless Cupid

By Nandy Ekle


The thing I loved about The Headless Cupid was the humor. This was the story of a blended family, which was just becoming a common situation back in the early 70’s. A widower with four children married a divorced woman with one daughter. The daughter was the same age as the oldest sibling of the four, but being an only child, she didn’t know how to fit into a large family. She puts on airs of being involved in the occult, which was also a buzz word around that time.

The story is told in the oldest sibling’s point of view. He has become the care taker of the younger siblings since their mother’s death and he just wants peace and friendship. He wants his new step-sister to feel like part of the family and decides to g along with her in her search of the occult.

It’s the younger siblings who provide the humor as they approach the whole thing as a game. The book also has some intense moments as they deal with a poltergeist.

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