Outtakes 325 



                     By Cait Collins 

​In past years, I’ve been afraid to read my favorite authors’ backlists. I was concerned that I would be disappointed. Recently I bought a Nora Robert’s release that I had been told was a new novel. Instead First Snow was a release of her books A Will and a Way (1986) and Local Hero (1987). While the stories are different from her more recent works, they are great reads. These older titles made me realize that an author must to grow with every release.

​I was first introduced to Nora Roberts as a romance writer, then later as a writer of romantic suspense. Later I discovered her witches, demons and ghosts. I’m still hooked. I have a feeling that Ms. Roberts grabbed at every opportunity. And that’s the point. We don’t grow unless we try.

​I prefer writing novels to writing short stories. But what’s wrong with writing a short story? It may be frustrating at times, yet it is worth the effort. Sadly we let the fear and frustration prevent us from achieving a new phase in our careers. And even though the first attempt might not be perfect, the next book or short story will be better. We will improve with each completed work. That’s the whole point of experimenting and rewriting. It makes our work better and more marketable. It gives us confidence in our talent and career path. If we only try we might one day have our own backlist.

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