New Year

Outtakes 331


New Year

By Cait Collins



I know it sounds trite, but the older I get the faster time seems to fly. When I was a kid, my parents tried to help my impatience by telling me it was seven sleeps to my birthday or Christmas. Those were long nights. And it still seemed like the big days would never come. Now days, time races on and before long, we will be staring 2019 in the face.

While I don’t make resolutions for the New Year, I am making promises.

I promise to finish my short story by the first critique meeting of 2018.

I promise to finish the edits on my memoir.

I promise to have my short story for Holidays on Route 66 by deadline.

I promise to get my blog done on time each week.


Best wishes for 2018 and happy writing.

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