Outtakes 333


By Cait Collins

I don’t mind winter. I can handle the cold and the wind. A little snow doesn’t bother me.

But I’m having real problems with wanting to curl up in my blankets and just sleep. I will come home after work and fall asleep on the couch and wake up at midnight. This sure does mess with my writing. It’s difficult to write coherent sentences when you keep nodding off.

Truth is I have to force myself to open my computer and attempt to write. Still I force myself to work to finish my goals. Thank goodness I have a great critique group that helps me make sense of some of my chapters.

A good critique group can be a writer’s best asset. Knowing your fellow writers have your back allows you to make changes and updates without second thoughts. You can trust their suggestions because they won’t lead you astray. Their input is designed to make your work better. That doesn’t mean you make every change suggested. It’s still your story and you have the creative control, but don’t dismiss everything they say. They may have a great fix for that ho-hum chapter.

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