The Speech Writer

Outtakes 334

The Speech Writer

By Cait Collins

I am not much for political speeches, but I did watch the State of the Union address. In my career I have been called on to give a talk or address a gathering. It’s difficult enough to write something for yourself, but can you imagine writing for someone else?

Writing for yourself allows you to hone in on your experiences, your personality, and to use your instincts in adding humor or satire to the presentation. But if I were writing for someone else, I would need to get into his head, draw on his desires, dreams, and ideals. The speech would need to suit his personality and his goals. What would happen if my dreams clashed with his? Think about it. Could you put your personal agenda aside and dedicate your talents to building up someone you might not support?

Of course political figures, successful businessmen and women hire people who can mesh with their visions. But if you are just starting out in the speech writing business, how can you be sure you can target the speaker and not interject yourself into the presentation? If you have doubts, the presentation could suffer.

The bottom line is writing speeches, press releases, and maybe even copy for commercials or news appearances requires more than a way with words. It demands an ability to put the personal aspects aside and focus on the speaker or performer. Personally, I wouldn’t want the job.

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