Book Cover Reveal


Book Cover Reveal


Finally, two more books will be out soon in the Rescue Animal Series. Book #5, Flash: The Story of Me and Book #6, Taz & The Big Flappy Thing. These two will gallop straight into your heart!

Both books will be available in eBook and print formats, worldwide. Written in easy reader vocabulary for your emerging readers and featuring color photos, for ages 7-9.

My kids picked out their dogs from ASPCA and I thought that was very nice gesture on our part, and then I met a group of people who help rescue horses. It is an unbelievable commitment of time, energy and money. I hope these books bring an awareness to the work these people do.

FLASH is a registered Tennessee Walker who came from Dove Creek Equine Rescue in Canyon, Texas. The story follows his adoption, training to overcome fear of noises, his work in an outdoor musical drama, and the moment he learned to trust the human who loved him. Based on a true story.

TAZ is a registered Hackney, saved by the Sheriff’s Department and rehabilitated at Panhandle Safe Hayven Equine Rescue in Amarillo, Texas. His adopted owner trained him for a Mounted Search and Rescue Team and his story is also based on actual events. The book tells the story of his training for his first Veteran’s Day Parade through downtown Amarillo, Texas.

Be on the lookout for book signings this spring where you can meet these amazing rescue horses. We’ll be visiting several public libraries in the Texas Panhandle area. For details on upcoming events, check out my website , follow my Facebook page

and events will also be listed on my Amazon Author Page

Hope to see you at a book event sometime soon!

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