Outtakes 343


By Cait Collins

I’ve always been told that romances should have brothers or good friends. That way you have the basis for a sequel.  I got to thinking about my story for the next Route 66 anthology.  What if I made Aiden Thornton’s brother, Ian, the hero of my holiday story?  He’s handsome, educated, and above all, he’s available.  Besides he deserves his own story.

I have not tried a sequel, but it does have a certain appeal. I can bring in characters from the previous story to the new one.  Ian has recently moved to Amarillo and he’s getting to know the town when he meets Annaleigh Talley, an expert in antique pottery and china. Her china shop on historic Route 66 attracts visitors from around the world. She has been commissioned to locate a tea set that dates back to the Edwardian Era.  Her client is a mysterious British gentleman who claims his grandmother owned the set.  When Ian and Annaleigh meet its Saint Patrick’s Day, the 4th of July and Christmas all rolled into one.

I look forward to writing their story.  But first I have to get Moira O’Hara, Aiden Thornton, and Moira’s dog, Mutt, to the U Drop Inn in Shamrock, Texas.  Shamrock will change when the O’Hara brothers take on the town.

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