What’s Next?

Outtakes 349

What’s Next?

By Cait Collins


I’ve always had more than one writing project going at a time. Sometimes I put one aside because the muse is working for another.  When the ideas dry up, I move to another one.  Right now I have four projects in the works.  First Love Forever Love is a memoir about my life-long love affair with the sea.  I’m working the edits on this book.  I’ve received the feedback from my beta readers, so it’s a matter of reviewing and implementing the necessary changes.

The second project is Tables, a memoir about growing up as a military brat in the fifties and sixties.  Much of the book is written, but there are stories I want to add.  I’m considering a chapter on seeing President Kennedy just weeks before he was assassinated and how my parents handled our questions and concerns.

The third project is the editing of my novel How Do You Like Me Now.  Kate Walker shows the town elite how to get even…legally.  It’s too long so I have to decide what can be taken out without impacting the story.

The fourth work is my short story for Wordsmith Six’s second Route 66 anthology Holiday’s on Route 66.  I have some ideas but I must do substantial research before I even consider writing the work.

My goal is to have at least two of the projects completed by the end of this year. Now that Our Time On Route 66 is available as an eBook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, I’m excited about getting more books out and in the hands of readers.  I never really understood the thrill of seeing my name on a book jacket.

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