Mother Road

Outtakes 352

Mother Road

By Cait Collins


Our Time On Route 66 is a reality. Wordsmith Six has worked hard to create our stories about Route 66. The tales span the Depression Era to about five years in to the future. The stories trace the beginnings of the Mother Road to its replacement by the super highways. Different stories. Different points of view. One destination…the Tower Station and the U-Drop Inn located in Shamrock, Texas.

Now we look forward to July 12-15 and the annual Route 66 Festival held this year in Shamrock, Texas. We will be selling and signing the book on Friday and Saturday. I’m looking forward to greeting visitors from around the world who love the Mother Road.

I have vague memories of Route 66 from my childhood. When Dad was transferred to St. John’s, Newfoundland, we traveled parts of the road. Dad was later transferred to Bangor, Maine, and we drove parts of Route 66. My most vivid memory is Burma Shave signs. I would love to make the trip again. I think it’s something I need to see with adult eyes. But for this weekend, I will see the road through the eyes of visitors.



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