Let’s Start Here!

Let’s Start Here!

Rory C. Keel


Whether you’re just starting to write or you have advanced into the realm of an experienced professional writer, Quality writing is the number 1 reason people buy your books.

Here are some suggestions to get us started.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seek advice from other writers, join writer groups and use editors.
  2. The old saying “Write what you know,” is still good advice. Use what you know as a foundation to springboard into further research on your subject.
  3. Add a different twist to a story. Approach a dilemma differently. Create a new dimension in time.
  4. Be realistic in setting your goals. Have you ever wanted to be a Best Selling Author, but you haven’t ever finished a book? Write it, Finish it!
  5. Write as much as you can—when you can. Schedule reasonable time to write, Publish and promote. Understand that achieving each of your goals for one day, each day, is being successful!

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