Favorite Authors

Outtakes 356

Favorite Authors

By Cait Collins


I have a stack of books waiting to be read.  Problem is I’m limited on reading time. It’s really a case of too many books and not enough time.  As I prepare for my vacation, I find myself checking the shelves in my “\unread books” bookcase and choosing titles I want to take with me.  I’ve narrowed the list to four.

Sherrilyn Kenyon       Styguin

Craig Johnson             Western Star

Craig Johnson             Death of Winter

Susan Wiggs                Between You and Me

There’s nothing like having new reads from favorite authors to take on vacation…

Other ideas include:

Nora Roberts              Shelter in Place  (I couldn’t put this one down.)

Sharon Sala                  In Shadows  (The FBI needs more heroes like Jack.)

Diana Palmer               Unbridled  (200thbook)

Carla Neggers              Imposter Lures  (I’m looking forward to this release)

Jodi Thomas               Mistletoe Miracles  (A new Ransom Canyon novel out 9/25/2018.)  Jodi has mentored many aspiring writers in the Texas Panhandle and the surrounding area.  Many of us have taken her creative writing classes.  She recently retired from her position as Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University. She will be missed.

If you like stories from new authors, I would suggest Our Time on Route 66.  Five authors from Wordsmith Six have released this anthology about the Mother Road from different time periods (Depression Era up to a few years into the future), different genres, and different points of view. The only rule was each story had to touch the U Drop Inn in Shamrock, Texas.  My story is “Showdown at the U Drop Inn” follows photojournalist, Moira O’Hara as she travels Route 66 in an attempt to rebuild her life after a natural disaster.

If you’re into politics, there are new books almost every week from your favorite news personality or political analyst.

New titles from all genres are released weekly so there’s no shortage of really good reads.  Take a few moments and visit your local book store.  The staff will be happy to help you locate a truly good book.

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