In Search of a Character

Welcome to the year 2019!

In our journey since our start through 2018, the authors of Wordsmith Six have seen setbacks and success. However, we are determined to continue moving forward in reaching for our goals in writing. We hope you will continue to follow along as we focus our 2019 blogs on specific areas of the writing craft.

In January, we will focus on Characterization.

In Search of a Character

When starting a story, we need characters like a Protagonist, the main character and anAntagonistthe villain. There may even be secondary characters that play a role in your writing.

So where do characters come from? Where do we get them?

The easiest way for me to find a character is to think about people I know in real life.

This idea could include friends, family, or someone you just met.

If you have a good imagination, then creating characters by mixing fantasy and reality.

Are you coming up with blanks? Then a trip to the shopping mall with notepad in hand can offer some relief as you observe people as they shop. Another quick starter that might help is to do an internet search for movie star images.

How many different characters can you create this week?

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