Lynnette Jalufka


Most plots have some type of structure. But when I start a story, structure is the last thing I consider. I don’t think about what plot type it is. That takes some of the magic out of writing. I just start with an idea or premise, which I jot down. Then I meditate on it until I have a good idea how the story is going to play out. I make general notes about the characters. Now I can write the story. 

I’m somewhere in between being an outliner and a “seat of your pants” author. But, as I discovered in revising my novel, the more detailed outlining I do before I write, the easier the editing will be, especially in a novel. This way, I can see the big picture I have in my head on paper and catch plot holes before I write the entire book. I will know where the turning points are and if they need to be changed. I am trying this on my next novel. Hopefully, editing it will go smoother.

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