Of Gods and Men

Outtakes  386

Of Gods and Men

By Cait Collins


Several years ago, I stumbled on to a new author. At least she was new to me.  I quickly became hooked.  She wrote about ancient Greeks, cursed races, Gods, Goddesses, harbingers, demons, dark hunters, mortals, and immortals.  Characters would shift forms, or turn from humans to animals.

I loved it.

Sherrilyn Kenyon opened new worlds for me.  I could immerse myself into the stories of Acheron’s Dark Hunters.  I almost cried as I read Acheron and Styxx’s stories of abuse, loneliness, love and hate. Brothers whose lives were so entwined that the death of one would end the life of the other.

Ms. Kenyon creates majesty from the halls of Olympus to the depths of hell. Avalon glows, but cold and dead landscapes are nearby.  Her heroes are men and women with purpose and integrity. But her antagonists are brutal and cold. Despite their deity, the nobles are often cruel and manipulating.  Above all, every line has power.

I could not put her biographies of Acheron and Styxx down.  I read until I fell asleep with the books open in my lap.  Finally, I have started reading Stygian.  For some time the book has been begging me to read it, but time and deadlines have prevented that from happening.  After reading the first chapter, I’m hooked.  It’s another page turner.  Question is, is this the end of the tale or the start of a new chapter?  I can’t wait to find out.

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