STILL THE KING – Movie Review


Lynnette Jalufka


It’s movie review month here at Wordsmithsix, and I’m starting off with my favorite, The Lion King. I can remember the first time I saw it in the theater. The opening scene took my breath away as a cheetah stood on a rock in the glowing sunrise. Okay, I love big cats. But it’s the story that matters.

Young lion cub Simba can’t wait to grow up to be the king of the Pridelands, like his dad. When his uncle tricks him into believing he caused his father’s death, he is driven into exile. Simba meets new friends who teach him how to live without worries. Life is good until a friend from his past shows up. Great songs, awesome music, and beautiful animation aid in the telling of this story about facing the past and accepting responsibility.

I’ve seen this movie in various formats, from a VHS tape on a small TV to 3D on the big screen, and it hasn’t ceased to amaze me. I happened to catch it in 3D shortly after I watched the last Harry Potter film, also in 3D. I took a moment to compare the movies as to which one I liked more. Without a doubt, The Lion King still reigns supreme.

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