If a Man Answers

If a Man Answers is a 1962 American romantic comedy film directed by Henry Levin and stars then real-life husband-and-wife Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. It was produced by Ross Hunter Productions, Inc, shot in Eastman color, and distributed by Universal-International. The screenplay was written by Richard Morris from a novel by Winifred Wolfe.

Chantal Stacy (Sandra Dee) is the daughter of Germaine Stacy (Micheline Presle), a former French showgirl, and John Stacy (John Lund), a conservative Boston antiques dealer, who met in Paris. Chantal was the product of their “soufflé-and-beans romance.” Her father worries about her French part getting pregnant, before her Boston part gets married; a foghorn sounds every time a man gets too close to her.

Her father gets a promotion and the family moves to New York City. Chantal gets picked up on Fifth Avenue by Eugene “Gene” Wright (Bobby Darin), a photographer who invites her to model for him. During Chantal’s first shoot, her father shows up to the set, punches Gene, after seeing the skimpy outfit Chantal is modeling in, and takes his daughter home. Chantal admits to her mother that she likes Gene and wants to continue modeling for him without John’s interference; with her mother’s advice, she marries Gene. However, now that she is his wife, Gene refuses to let Chantal model, effectively making her a housewife.

Shortly after their marriage, Chantal’s college friend Tina (Stefanie Powers) arrives in New York. A spoiled rich girl, she goes after Gene, and he responds positively to Tina’s flirting tactics, making Chantal starts to become nervous about her marriage. When Chantal is at a loss, her mother gives her a book on “How To Train Man’s Best Friend” and advises Chantal that many men aren’t treated as well as pets. She begins to use the dog-training techniques from the book on her husband and to her delight, the results are astounding. Germaine later explains that the book was not really for Chantel to train her husband to obey her like a dog but rather, it has been teaching her how to live with her husband.


Look this one up, It’s worth a watch!

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