Lynnette Jalufka


I never considered myself a fantasy writer. I always thought I was an historical novelist because of my love of history. My first novel was about a person in the Bible. It drove me crazy trying to get all the details right just in case a biblical scholar happened to read it. The right one seemed to allude me, no matter how much research I did. (Someday, I’ll revise it for publication.)

So, I went back to a medieval story idea I’d been thinking about for years, in which I created my own kingdom. No one can tell me this wasn’t right in medieval England because the story doesn’t take place in medieval England. This is 13thcentury Armonye, with its own different regions, customs, and rivalries. The closest genre it fits into is medieval fantasy, although there are no fantastical elements like magic or strange creatures. The only thing that makes it fantasy is that it doesn’t happen in a historical place.

Why the Middle Ages? No period in history is more misunderstood, but it captures my imagination like nothing else. There are horses, swords, knights, ladies, castles, and battles. There’s great courage combined with chivalry, the noble knight fighting for his lady. In truth, I think it’s cool to be called “my lady.” I know that’s a romanticized view, but it’s great fuel for stories.

2 thoughts on “WHAT I WRITE—PART 1

  1. Lynnette,, your article is so interesting. I love hearing stories about why people write what they write.

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