What If…?

Outtakes 395

Release 8/21/2019

What If…?

By Cait Collins

I admire writers who can sit down and plan a work from “It was a dark and stormy night” to The End.  I can’t do that because my mind works more on a “What if…” basis.  My current work is a short story about a former Hollywood actress who is facing unwelcome visitors from her past.  I have really enjoyed the “what if” game with this one.

For example, what if a co-conspirator turns traitor on the antagonist and joins the heroine?  What if the mentor did not die of a heart attack?  What if the antagonist goes crazy?”

What if the hero is too shy to say “I love you”? The real fun is that I’m not sure what the answers are?  A character’s response to any of these situations can change the course of the story. Even small choices can have a major influence on the outcome of the narrative.  I really can’t wait find out what happens next.

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