Whose Scene Is It?

Outtakes 398

Whose Scene Is It?

By Cait Collins



When writing a screenplay, I have to determine whose scene I’m writing.  Let’s say a couple is having an argument.  Who initiated the fight?  If the woman started things, she would become my dominate character and would control the scene.  She initiates the action and the dialogue.  His responses and actions play off her accusations and domineering attitude.

Once the male character takes over the storyline, the point of view changes. The man initiates the dialogue and the action.  He may take the scene by slapping the female character, grabbing her, or by turning the dialogue against her.  Now he is in control and the other character follows his lead until the scene changes again.

Point of view changes constantly in movies, in novels and short stories. It’s the action that keeps the story moving.  The he said/she said third person POV is, in my opinion, easier to write.

First person point of view allows the hero or heroine to tell the story.  Some stories are better told from this point of view.  Coming of age themes or man against himself are examples of first person POV.

I have not attempted Omniscient POV.  Maybe that is because I tend to enjoy playing my characters off each other. It’s the kind of situation I feel most comfortable creating.

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