Lynnette Jalufka


Thank you, Lady Elyse and Lady Theresa, for allowing me to use your tournament outing to help me illustrate point of view this month.

“It was our pleasure,” says Elyse.

Theresa smiles. “Aye, ’twas fun, though we didn’t have a choice.”

No, you didn’t. But you did show how different a scene can be depending on which point of view is used. But this question remains, what point of view is the best for this scene if I wrote it in a novel.

“Mine,” the ladies say together.

I laugh. Actually, I like third person omniscient. Since the two of you are very different, I want to see both your thoughts. But point of view depends on the purpose of the scene and what view I used previously in the novel. I don’t want to be switching from first to third person.

“That could get confusing,” Theresa says.

Elyse raises a hand to her mouth at the sound of trumpets in the distance. “Alas, the tournament is starting, and we have not found a place to sit.”

Don’t worry, Elyse. I’m the author. I always get the best seats.

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