Lynnette Jalufka

Let’s face it. Writing is tough. It’s back-breaking work. You can easily get discouraged when there are no results on the horizon. 

In Brian Jacques’ Martin the Warrior, there’s a scene where the hero is in a desperate situation. Sentenced to death and tied outside in the pouring rain, he remembers all that he’s been through. Then he shouts to the storm a reason to survive, to keep living.

I was so struck by Martin’s words that I decided to make up my own reason to keep writing based on his speech. So here is my writer’s declaration:

I am an author!

I will write; I will not give in and die!

Do you hear me?

I will live to see my book published!

I have that posted above my computer. I look at it every time I sit at my desk. It has helped me get through times when I just wanted to give up. 

Create your own writer’s declaration. You can use mine, if you like. If you can’t think of one, find encouraging quotes and put them around your writing space. Look at them every day. Then write one word, then another, and another. Keep going. Don’t give up.

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for following Wordsmith Six. 

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