Lynnette Jalufka

Stephen King is the one author I hear mentioned more than anyone else at writing workshops and in articles about the craft. There’s only problem: I don’t read horror. So I was excited to learn King actually wrote a book I could possibly enjoy. It’s a fantasy written for his daughter called The Eyes of the Dragon.

The book takes place in the Kingdom of Delain. Sorcerer Flagg poisons King Roland and frames the heir to the throne, Prince Peter, who is imprisoned in a tower. He then gains control over the new king, Peter’s younger brother Thomas. With Flagg’s influence, Thomas makes decisions that erode the kingdom. But Thomas has a secret Flagg doesn’t know about. 

King makes sure you know the motivation behind each character’s actions. Although the narrator constantly inserts his opinion, the book is exciting. Peter attempts one of the most unusual and daring escapes I have ever read. If you want to know what happens, read the book. 

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