Movie Madness


Movie Madness

I stand in the dark warehouse next to my new friend and soon to be partner. He has definite ideas about running a night club, I have definite ideas about location and design. However we are from two different time periods and wonder if we will agree on anything.

He points to one corner and begins to describe a bandstand and a female trio singing in harmony. He says he sees dancers in period costumes from the 1940’s and the music is the big band era style.

I stop paying attention to his vision when I see my own vision come to life on the other side of the room. A modern heavy rock band plays and the audience dances in their disco outfits. The music pounds and the bodies gyrate and excitement fills the air like electricity.

As my friend and I watch our own personal visions of the blossoming nightclub, a strange thing begins to happen. The two bandstands and the two crowds of singers and dancers move toward the middle of the room. They notice each other and their music starts to merge and harmonize together. The dancers from the 1940’s are now dancing openly with the dancers from my own time period. They end with a grand stand bang and blow my friend and me across the room with excitement.

If you have nothing else to write about, describe your favorite scene from one of your favorite movies. Write as if you are the main character and you are experiencing the scene. Do not be afraid of detail, sounds, feelings, taste, sights, and smells. And above all else, enjoy!

Congratulations. You have just received a post card from the muse.

Nandy Ekle

1 thought on “Movie Madness

  1. roller skates and Olivia Newton John? I loved that movie, which is the one that comes to mind from your description. What a great idea for a writing challenge.

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