Motivation #2

Motivation #2

by N. Bright

Do you still waste creative energy fretting over things you can’t control, like rejection letters you can understand or bad reviews from snarky people? I’m blogging about motivation and self-discipline, and finding way to stay inspired.

Read a Book Relating to Your Story’s Theme

Whatever the theme, setting, time period, or genre of your current work in progress, read articles or books relating to that topic. Have you found a picture of your main character’s home? What is the floor plan? Have you researched the history of the town your story is set in?  What about vehicles, food, or clothing? The list is endless.

Bookstore Treasures

A recent rummage through a used-book-story resulted in a 1st Edition copy of A-WOMAN-TENDERFOOT by Grace Gallatin Seton Thompson. This treasure was published in 1900 by Doubleday. I’m holding a 100 year old book in my hands! It’s about camping and backpacking in the Rocky Mountainswritten by a Victorian city girl who refused to allow her husband to vacation out west without her. I loved her adventurous nature.

In her own words, “Dear woman who goes hunting with her husband, be sure that you have it understood that you do no cooking, or dishwashing… Cooking out of doors at best is trying, and certainly you cannot be care free, camp life’s greatest charm, when you have on your mind the boiling of prunes and beans, or when tears are starting from your smoke-inflamed eyes as you broil the elk steak for dinner.”

Her positive nature and sense of adventure when she road through the mountain snow or shot her first elk for their dinner shed much wit on her experiences out west. I hope I can convey the same sense of wonder and freedom in my historical westerns for kids.

Bury yourself in your story. When you’re not writing, you can read about anything and everything relating to your novel.

What Motivates You to Keep Writing?

Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing insight on motivation, and we’d love to hear from you, too.

Thanks for joining us at WordsmithSix!

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