Hook the Chapter

Hook the Chapter

By Natalie Bright

Think about your favorite author. Do you sometimes find it impossible to put down their book? Each chapter propels you to turn the page to the next, and before you know it half the night is gone.

This author might be using a technique of ending each chapter with a hook.

Chapter hooks are placed at the end of the chapter. These last sentences, or words, compel the reader to keep reading. The reader is teased into turning the page and going on. We have to know what happens next. Keep your readers curious, keep them on the edge of their seat.

Chapters are an easy way introducing a scene change or changing to a different characters point of view. “Hooks” are creative ways to end that chapter, and take your story to the next level. The exception might be if you have chapters with high tension and drama, not every one needs to end with a cliff-hangar, for example

Choose a handful of your favorite books. Work your way through the stack, reading out loud the last sentence at the end of every chapter. Listen to the words carefully. Study their order, and how specific word choices can create tension and drama.

Examples of Chapter Hooks

-decision to act

-hidden threat

-broken routine

-new disaster


-having second thoughts



Happy writing!



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