Ten Best from Enid

Ten Best from Enid

by Natalie Bright



Enid Writers Club sponsored a one day seminar on The Story, a Craft of Writing seminar. Based on my notes, here’s the best quotes from Saturday’s workshop.

1)    Things will be tough in your life, but when you get to the other side you still gotta write that book. Dusty Richards, Spur Award winning author and President of Western Writers of America

2)    Anybody can be published in 40 days. We all know there are a million opportunities for writers these days. To rise above the others, you must have a kick-butt story that connects with readers in a unique way.  Lucie Smoker, Enid Writers Club

3)    There’s a time, there’s a publisher, there’s a place on the shelf for your story. Never take no for an answer. Work on getting better.  Dusty Richards

4)    Begin with a commitment to write a chapter every day. Stop whispering, “I’m a writer.” Don’t be afraid to declare it—I write! Tara Hudson, best-selling YA author

5)    Kick that story off like you kick a football to start the game. Get ‘em by the shirt front and grab that reader into your book. Your job as the writer is to intrigue people. Dusty Richards

6)    A reader doesn’t give a damn about all the things the writer thinks we need to know. We want to have an adventure. It’s up to you as the writer to take us on one. Dusty Richards

7)    Let your mind run. That’s when you write your best. Create the book. Don’t listen to anyone during this part of the process. When it’s time to edit, then listen to others. Dusty Richards

8)    Write at least one paragraph on the next chapter before you quit for the day. Don’t stop at the end of the chapter. Dusty Richards

9)    Setting is a character. You may not have thought of it in that way.  Tara Hudson

10)  Develop rules of your world, which is particularly helpful if you are writing a series. Don’t ever break them. Tara Hudson

Very inspiring conference and we made it home before the snow storm hit. Thanks Enid Writers Club for a great day!



One thought on “Ten Best from Enid

  1. Thank you Natalie! We had great fun putting together the seminar and enjoyed it as much as everyone else. I loved all the speakers and one of my favorite moments came from Jamie McGuire, the concept of building a story like she built a lie as a small child. The way it spreads and expands. It fits. I’m so glad you came down our long, empty highway 412. The guest input and the great interactions made the con really fun.

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