Why Would Anyone Read My Writing?

Why Would Anyone Read My Writing?

By Rory C. Keel


Why would anyone read my writing? This is a question beginning writers often ask themselves. It’s a normal question to ask. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve asked it of myself.

How do I deal with it? I learned not to make it personal. Many experienced writers ask the same question when they find themselves struggling to put something on the page.

The simple answer is that people want to read your writing because it’s entertaining, interesting, funny or emotional. These are the same reasons people read anything written by any author. The characteristics that make other authors worth reading are the things that will make your writing worth reading.

Don’t take it so personal

Most readers don’t determine what books they read by the personality of the author who wrote it. Many times the attributes of authors aren’t known until they reach some measure of fame. A person reads what they are interested in based on the content and writing, and then the reader may choose to learn about the personal traits of the author he or she likes. This shows that the writing is important.

Improve your writing

If your work isn’t interesting, entertaining, funny or emotional people probably won’t read it. Nothing personal about you as a human being, just improve your writing. To do this study the craft of writing, seek help from a critique group or a writing association.

As your writing improves, so will the number of readers.



One thought on “Why Would Anyone Read My Writing?

  1. Thank you for that inspiration this morning. As a newbie, I have that thought constantly. The hardest part is not taking it personally. When you pour your heart in an emotional piece or showcase your hard work and research in an informational piece, it feels as though every reader that doesn’t leave a comment is dismissing your work! We just have to continue to remind ourselves that when people aren’t as passionate about our area of expertise as we are, it only means that our voice is needed because no one is as passionate as us!

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