In the Dark

Outtakes 144


In the Dark

By Cait Collins

I wake with a start. Something’s off. I can’t put my finger on what’s different. My fingers brush the lamp switch. Light will help. I won’t be so unsettled. But nothing happens. Maybe the bulb is burned out. There are no lights on in the apartment. Even my LED night light is dark. The television is off, but itt was on when I went to bed. This can’t be good.

I stumble to the closet and grab my battery powered lantern. Flipping the switch, I’m surrounded by a white glow. No longer do I stub my toes on furniture or bump into walls. This baby gives off enough light so that I can at least navigate and find my clothes. Maybe I can even match my shoes.

It’s 4:30 AM. Much too early to head for work. So what can I do? I can’t make breakfast or coffee. With no television and insufficient light for reading, I can only sit in the dark and wait. And think. What happened to the electricity? We didn’t have a storm. No sirens break the silence, so an auto accident could not be the culprit. Maybe one of the neighborhood kids threw the main breaker. Or maybe there’s an axe murderer just waiting for me to walk out the door. Then there’s the possibility an alien ship landed in the parking lot and the energy from their space ship knocked out the electricity. Who knows what happened?

Hey, I could write a story about this. The heroine, a police detective, wakes to utter darkness. Harsh breathing disturbs the silence. “Please help me.” And then…?


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